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The Rapid Expansion of Rareism- A Reflection of the Growing Fashion Business in India

Rareism, a prominent women’s fashion brand under Bengaluru-based fashion retailer The House of Rare, has recently celebrated the opening of its third outlet in Hyderabad. This significant development not only adds to the brand’s growing presence but also underscores the dynamic expansion of the fashion industry in India.

A Milestone in Market Presence

The opening of Rareism’s new 650 sqft outlet in Hyderabad is a milestone, marking the brand’s 30th store across India. The event, graced by actor Sreeleela, highlighted the brand’s commitment to accessibility and its influence in the fashion landscape. This expansion is a testament to Rareism’s robust growth strategy and its understanding of market demands.

Designing Unique Shopping Experiences

Rareism has been known for its “desk to dinner” approach, offering versatile, fashion-forward clothing that caters to a wide array of women’s needs and preferences. The design of the new store emphasizes providing a unique shopping experience that attracts and retains discerning customers. This approach is crucial in a competitive market where personalization and experience are as important as the products offered.

The Business of Fashion in India

The expansion of Rareism reflects broader trends in the Indian fashion industry, which is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. As international brands continue to enter the market, domestic brands like Rareism are not just competing but are carving out distinct niches by aligning closely with the cultural and fashion sensibilities of local consumers.

Business Head of Rareism, Abhishek Srivastava, articulates this vision clearly, stating, “Rareism is India’s answer to European fashion.” This statement not only highlights the brand’s ambition but also its commitment to creating offerings that resonate with the modern Indian woman, who is as multifaceted in her roles as in her fashion choices.

The Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Rareism aims to become a one-stop destination for women’s fashion, leveraging its understanding of local tastes and global trends. The continued expansion of Rareism is indicative of a larger momentum within the fashion industry, driven by economic growth, increasing consumer spending, and digital penetration.

The growing number of store openings like that of Rareism is a clear signal that the fashion market in India is ripe with opportunities. Brands that innovate in product design, customer experience, and market penetration are well-positioned to capitalize on this growth.


The fashion industry’s expansion in India is an exciting narrative of adaptation, innovation, and success. As Rareism continues to expand its footprint, it serves as a prime example of how brands can thrive by being in tune with their consumers’ evolving tastes and lifestyles. It is an inspiring model for others in the industry, demonstrating that growth is not only about opening more stores but also about making each location a beacon of style and substance.

Keep an eye on how Rareism and similar brands continue to evolve and influence the fashion sector both in India and globally.

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