FAQs - Fashion Entrepreneur Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Indian citizen, residing in India, aged 18 years or above as of April 01 2024, running a business/startup in fashion industry or planning to start, can register. Applications submitted on behalf of someone else will not be accepted. You will need to provide all the asked details in the registration form.

The registration start and end date will be announced on the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund’s social media handles, follow the handles to keep updated. Please note, the Company has the right to change the timelines as per its convenience.

Go to the FEF website – https://www.thefef.net/ – Go to the Registration tab and follow the instructions.

The entire selection process is divided into 4 rounds –

Round 1 (Registration) – First round is the registration process. This will provide us the overview of you and your business. The shortlisted applicants will be informed for the next round.

Round 2 (Interview R1)– Second round will be an online/in-person interview round, here we’ll meet the founders and understand their aspiration towards their business, their vision and few more aspects. In this round as a pre-requisite, you are required to submit a video (5 to 8 min. max length) of your business pitch by founder(s). The shortlisted applicants will be informed for the next round.

Round 3 (Interview R2) – Third round will be in-person interview in few selected cities/ or in the office of applicants, where our team will have a detailed discussion about you and your business. The shortlisted applicants will be informed for the next round.

Round 4 (Final Pitch) – This will be the final round and will have few task-based selection rounds. These rounds will be judged by FEF’s board members along with a panel of judges & Jury. A pool of shortlisted applicants will receive the investment basis their performance throughout this round.

If you get selected, you’ll receive an official communication from the Company’s email ID with the next round details on your registered email ID and contact number during the registration. **Please note that sometimes the official emails might get into the “spam/trash/junk” of the mailbox. We request you to keep checking your “spam/trash/junk” folder as well.
Your mobile number will be marked as your unique ID in our backend system, if you want to submit multiple applications you can use a different mobile number to apply. **Please note, the mobile number you are using should be handy with you for any further communication.
Your will see (*) mark in all the mandatory fields in the form, without filling those you will not be able to submit the form.

You can write to us at support@thefef.net with the details you want to change in the submitted form. Our team will reach out to you, verify few details (from the previously filled form) to authenticate you and do the required changes. Post the changes; you’ll receive a confirmation via official email ID of the company.

Make sure you have entered the required details in the mandatory (*) marked fields, and not getting any errors related to this. If this is not the case, please try after 30 min. If you are facing the same issue again, please write to us at support@thefef.net , our team will reach out to you for further assistance.
  1. Round wise document details are as follows-

For Round 01 (Registration) –

  1. Pitch deck having the following information –

A – About the company

B – Company’s vision and mission

C – Product Roadmap including current product offering, with pictures/videos
D – Current revenue model
E – Current margins per order
F – YoY revenue from the start to FY23-24

G – YoY net profit from the start to FY23-24
H – YoY expense overview with expense categories, from the start to current FY.
I – Average order value
J – YoY number of customers, from the start to current FY
K – YoY percentage of repeat customers
L – Current valuation or any past valuation
M – Investment ask and equity dilution
N – Current shareholding structure (cap table)

O – Raised investment amount and % of diluted equity or In case of bootstrap self-invested amount
P – Current Team
Q – About the founding team

R – Product selling platform

Please put all the financials to the point and in one slide. Also, you can add your thoughts in the pitch-deck if you want to.

  1. Keep the following financial details handy with you –
  • Revenue last 6 months
  • Revenue past 3 financial years
  • Net profit past 3 financial years 

For Round 2 (Interview R1) –

  • Video of business pitch by founder(s). In this video founder(s) have to explain their business, current revenue, profits and expansion plans.
  • Be ready with your business numbers. (Revenue, Net profit, Margins, shared holding details, no. of repeat customers etc.)
  • In case of in-person interview, you have to submit a coloured copy of your Aadhaar card along with 1 coloured passport size photo (clicked recently). 

For Round 3 (Interview R2) –

  • Be ready with your business details (Whatever applicable) – Revenue, Net profit, Margins, shareholding details, no. of repeat customers, business expansion plan of 3 years, current product and pipeline details and other relevant metrics of the business.
  • If not submitted in R1, you have to submit a coloured copy of your Aadhaar card along with 1 coloured passport size photo (clicked recently).

For Round 4 (Final Pitch) –

  • The following documents need to be submitted, post receiving the selection confirmation of this round –
    1. Company registration documents
    2. Company’s ITR of past 3 years
    3. Product trademark and intellectual property certificates (If any)


Carry your original ID proof for entry.

Any details (Personal & business) shared by you will be completely confidential and will be only used to evaluate your business and will not be shared with any third party not associated with the company by any manner.
Any official communication will reach to you only from the company’s email ID, any communication from any other medium will not be a valid communication.

There is no application fee involved for applying to Fashion Entrepreneur Fund Season 1. Anyone who is claiming that he/she can help you in the selection process, please report that person in the local police station.

If you get selected for the in-person interview round, the travel, stay, and all other expenses in relation to the interview, will be at your own costs. Only if you get selected of the final round (R4), the travel and stay will be completely arranged by the company.

Please send in your queries to support@thefef.net our team will provide information that you seek.